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Guangdong Party Secretary and Governor concerned Daer2016-09-28

Hu Chunhua(The Communist Party Secretary of Guangdong province), Zhu Xiaodan(The Governor of Guangdong province), Wen Guohui(The Mayor of Guangzhou)and Ge Changwei (The Party Secretary of Qingyuanvisited Daer on 22 June 2016. They are very concerned about Daer’s products and development. Hu Chunhua secretary after listening to praise and recognition of Daer new material products, advanced nature and environmental protection, and said: “Daer is indeed a new technology, new materials!”



General manager Dr. Qiu reported to the leaders of the Daer’s product development, sales and other developments. Photos of people: Hu Chunhua(Second from right), Zhu Xiaodan (third from right), Wen Guohui (first from left), Ge Changwei (third from left), Dr. Qiu (first from right)